3 Podcasts Good for the Soul

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Listening to short blurbs of podcasts can help kickstart your day.

The Art of Charm hosted by AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak

As the hosts so eloquently put it, “The Art of Charm is the place where ordinary people become extraordinary.” This upbeat, humorous self-help podcast covers subjects like body confidence for both men and women, how to create your personal style, how to approach anxiety, and much more. They interview authors, psychologists, and others to continue the conversation of what self-growth looks like for adults. The hosts originally created this as a way to take their personal lives to the next level, and they want to help their listeners do the same.

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Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

Living a life full of inspiration, motivation, and compassion for yourself and others—sounds great, right? The Good Life Project is all that and more. Host Jonathan Fields interviews motivational speakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown and Gretchen Rubin to get their outlook on living a ~good life~. Some personal favorites among their episodes include Why You Should Talk to Yourself in Third Person, Fewer Things Better, and Why You Need a Point of View. These have been profoundly helpful in speaking better of myself and finding joy during the rough days.

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The Health Code by Youtuber, Sarah’s Day and Kurt Tilse

Honestly, this podcast is just really fun to listen to. If you’re like me, it can be relaxing to  hear other people talk about their daily lives. The Health Code does just this, but also adds in applicable life tips. Episodes include topics like how to balance your busy schedule, along with relationship and health tips. Disclaimer: it can sometimes take them 20 minutes to dive into the topic at hand. The entertaining personalities and fun, Australian accents of youtuber Sarah’s Day and Kurt Tilse make this podcast an enjoyable 30 minutes for anyone who needs a break from life.

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